And Then Came Fall

And then came Fall

like heaven’s fireworks

lingering, meandering, yearning

to touch the depths of your soul that took a flight

to merge with light… Read More And Then Came Fall


On The Road from L.A. to Miami

The journey was like eating Halo-halo topped with Durian ice cream on Christmas day. It was exhausting yet reinvigorating. It was foreign and yet familiar. It was like magical realism leaping from the pages of an old book tugging at my heart until it became real like the glint of sunshine on your face and your eyes and your hands. I was alone and yet I was embraced by the loving presence of family and friends. I was physically tired and yet my spirit was energized by snippets of hope and beauty.… Read More On The Road from L.A. to Miami


I lift my praises for you I want to paint it in the night skies as I echo your love, promise of hope and healing I want to whisper prayers after prayers of gratitude for your invisible hand made tangible in what is now I want to revere your magnificence and seek you day after… Read More Tala