Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo

A number of food bloggers led me to Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo.  They wrote so fondly of the kitchen which piqued my curiosity.  I was looking for a restaurant that offers an intimate dining experience for a gathering among close friends.  Karen’s Kitchen went above and beyond my expectations.  I was able to easily reach Ms. Karen Young through Viber.  She prepared a set menu for us minutes after our text exchanges.  I was very pleased with how she meticulously arranged our dinner plans  that I decided to make another reservation the next day.  I love food.  I am passionate about food.  I think it is another medium for self-discovery.  In essence, it has universal appeal that gathers people around the table.  Karen’s Kitchen is a true (and tasty) testimony to that.

Some of their dishes might be a bit foreign to some but it fuses seamlessly with the familiar and home-grown Filipino taste that one simply utters, “Ang sarap nito!” in every single bite.   Each dish offers a flavorful and distinct taste.  It is rich and a delight to the palate.  Their desserts, which they are well known for, are over the top superb!

Karen’s Kitchen churns an extraordinary dining experience.  Their unique and nifty ambience is an added bonus.


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